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Jackie Johnson

I love plants, nature, talking to friends and having fun. But who would have known… I would go from buying herbs online, to growing plants myself and now supplying families all over the country. I mean, I can’t believe how far I have come since 2009.

My career background is in nutrition, fitness, retail management, hospitality and pharmaceuticals. The biggest thing I learned is people should know what they are getting and no one wants to feel cheated. This is why I created Wildling Herbs products. My products get to the root of …..Do you know what the root of the problem is? The fact is we got away from our roots and started putting unnatural things on/in our bodies.

I mean we don’t try to eat plastic LOL. Why would you use products full of plastic?

Our bodies of made of the same nutrients, minerals, vitamins and molecules found in the earth. I get it. I have had a breast tumor, ovarian cyst, hormone issues, fertility problems, broken bones, shoulder surgery, skin issues and hair issues.

This is why I created several Wild formulated products that don’t use fillers, gives ingredient transparency, educates the user on ingredients and product uses.

I’m not just a herbalist and farmer. I’m a mom two, of 2 energetic kids. I enjoy hiking, gardening, traveling, community activism and chilling in the hammock LOL

When I take all the businesses of life away, I have to put something back into myself.

No one wants to feel like their immune system isn’t working to its fullest potential.

I believe we should start of the day off feeling confident from the inside out. Only then we can make things happen in our day.

Try Wildling Herbs and you will BLOSSOM to new heights.

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We help educate households to cultivate their own FARMacy and source high quality herbs.

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