Don’t forget to pick up some seedlings!

Spring is the perfect time to plan and plant your garden! 🌱 Now that you’ve sorted your seeds and bought new ones, don’t forget to also pick up some seedlings to get a jumpstart on your garden and help your plants get a head start on the growing season. 🌱

Planting your herbs and vegetables is a great way to get outside, get your hands dirty, and get the nutrients and vitamins from fresh, organic produce! 🌸 Not only will you benefit from the physical and mental benefits of gardening, but you can also use herbs and veggies to create delicious meals and drinks that will leave you feeling healthy and energized. 🌻

So get ready to plant and get your garden started! 🌿 Don’t forget to tag us in your #WildlingHerbsGarden photos and let us know what you’ve been growing!


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